CYPnet training and learning platform



CYPnet is the intuitive training and learning platform of CYP. CYPnet provides course participants with structured and orderly knowledge. Course participants can follow their own learning progress and register independently for the CYP modules. CYPnet provides the course participants with all necessary documents in electronic form. With this tool, both course participants and vocational trainers (only applies to the training of young people) always have an overview of their current personal learning status.
CYPnet was developed in cooperation with experienced specialists from CYP and in close collaboration with the participating banks. The practical and useful functions are the result of this close cooperation.


  • CYP Support for questions regarding content or for registrations and cancellations on short notice
    • 07:45 - 10:00 and 13:00 - 15:00
    • 043 222 53 53 /

  • CYPnet Support for technical questions
    • 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM (8 centimes/min)
    • 0848 02 55 02 /


Swiss Learning Hub AG, Rosengartenstrasse 4, 8608 Bubikon


Technical specifications

Required screen resolution

CYPnet and all learning objects are designed for a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Lower resolutions make it very difficult to work with CYP net and are therefore not recommended.

Browser specifications

The browsers listed below can be used with CYPnet:

  • Latest version of MS Edge
  • Latest version of Firefox
  • Latest version of Chrome
  • Latest version of Safari

Required browser add-ons

To use all features of CYPnet, the following add-ons must be installed on your computer:

  • Adobe Reader; we recommend working with the latest version (free download)

Browser settings

For CYPnet to work correctly and reliably, your browser must support 128 bit data encryption, JavaScript, and cookies. If the application does not function with the browsers "Internet Explorer" or "Firefox," or in Android using the browser "Internet," check and adjust if necessary the following browser setting:

Data encryption, SSL 3.0

  • For Firefox
    • Menu: "Tools / Options / Advanced / Encryption": under the tab "Protocols," enable the entry "Use SSL 3.0"
    • In version 23 and higher of Firefox, SSL 3.0 encryption is automatically enabled
  • For Internet Explorer:
    • Menu: "Tools / Internet options / Advanced / Restore advanced settings or Reset Internet Explorer Settings" or under the heading "Security" enable the entry "Use SSL 3.0"

Enabling JavaScript

  • For Firefox
    • Menu: "Tools / Options / Content": select the entry "Enable JavaScript"
    • In version 23 and higher of Firefox, JavaScript is automatically enabled.
  • For Internet Explorer:
    • Menu: "Tools / Internet options / Security / Internet / Security level for this zone" / set the slider to "Medium to high"

Enabling Cookies

  • For Firefox
    • Menu: "Tools / Options / Privacy": select the entry "Accept cookies"
  • For Internet Explorer:
    • Menu: "Tools / Internet options / Privacy / Advanced": disable "Override automatic cookie handling"


Tablet specifications:

  • Android browser
    • "Internet" version 4.1x or higher
  • Pop-ups
    • In the menu "Settings / Advanced", disable the entry "Block pop-ups"
  • Cookies
    • In the menu "Tools / Privacy and security": select the entry "Accept cookies"


General instructions for use

Registration with CYPnet (adult education)

To create an account for further education, you must register at (login area "further education"). It is necessary to use a unique user name (e.g. the e-mail address).

Registration with CYPnet (Login)

To log in to CYPnet, you must enter your username and password, which you received by e-mail or chose during registration. Please note that the login is case-sensitive. After logging in to CYPnet for the first time, you can change your password and, if necessary, your username ("My Profile" menu). It is necessary to use a unique username (e.g. the e-mail address).

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